What Is Tantra??

In most western countries the word Tantra has been getting a bad rap, since it's seen as primarily a sexual act. But the true purpose of Tantra is to transform, awaken and increase awareness of the Divine. By stimulating the senses through special tantric massage techniques a Tantric Goddess or God is able to bring about a sense of liberation and heightened spiritual awareness in the individual.

By liberating suppressed sexual energy a Tantra Goddess can help one awaken the Kundalini Serpent and attain union with the Divine Energies of the Universe. One way of reaching the higher planes of consciousness it through the Union of Shakti and Shiva (The Male and Female aspects of the Divine).

Apart from the spiritual aspects Tantra Massages can also help unblock sexual repression and liberate an individual from unconscious stress. Many of us have been taught by our parents and other authority figures (religious or secular) that sex is somehow "dirty" or "unclean" while growing up. This image is especially projected to young females which can in many cases lead to problems with intimacy later in life.

Tantra Massage US

Tantra Massage US is a US based directory website that can help you connect to a Shakti Tantra (For Women) or Shiva Tantra (For Men) specialist in your area. Our female can discreetly contact a practitioner for a Yoni Massage, while our male visitors may be more in tune with an expert Lingam Massage.

Awakening the erotic senses can have a powerful therapeutic effect on your everyday life. Expand your horizons and empower your libido. A nearby local therapist may be able to help you enjoy your life to the fullest and get in tune with the spiritual forces of creation and the Divine.

What is a Tantra Massage?

"Through this respectful and loving massage flowing over your body you will feel the energy and tingling from head to toe. It feels like an orgasmic spiritual experience where everything connects with you, as your consciousness expands." Such an experience is shared by many people. Everyone experiences it differently and no two rituals are the same.

A tantric massage is characterized by substantial heartfelt touching and playing with the life energy. Through this experience you will learn to give and receive all. In receiving you experience yourself fully. Body, mind, heart and soul merge. Acceptance, relaxation, tranquillity and space to give you the freedom to enjoy yourself. In a tantric massage you experience a different way of sensing your sexual and vital energy, way beyond the scope of what you know.

As a giver you connect from your Tantric Awareness Heart playfully and sensually with the sexual area. You communicate by touch in an intimate -, non-verbal way. The massage uses energy flows, including sexual energy. The massage is not focused on a sexual release. This form of massage has a very respectful, nice and extensive sensation of the entire body and yoni or vajra.

Couples Massage

As a couple, you can also learn the tantric massage in a group course of one day with an optional preparatory massage day course. You massage alone with your partner. Many local Goddesses will provide couples massages to help couples become more intimate.

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