Healing Power Of Tantra

Yoni Massage For Women

A Tantric massage is primarily a spiritual technique conducted by a professional to stimulate your senses and help you achieve ecstasy. The Tantra God(dess) redeems the individual spiritually and increases the spiritual awareness of an individual.

Healing Power of tantra

This allows the individual to reach union with the Divine Energies of the Universe. Tantra is mostly famous for its ability to get rid of energetic and sexual blockages.

It is believed that individuals experience total arousal with profound efficacy on a mental, physical, sexual, spiritual and emotional level. For women this is known as the tantric yoni massage. Our sexual energy has outstanding potency and power, as can be verified by any psychologist.

Yoni refers to the vagina, when we think of the vagina we tend to link it immediately to pleasure, but it is much more. The yoni possesses a lot of energy it is a powerhouse, which lays stagnant and dormant because most women are unaware that this type of massage can bring you to the highest levels in your life.

The yoni also stores a lot of emotions and traumas, which is caused by the ability women have to link the yoni and their problems and experiences they internalize daily in the outer world. Knowing everything about the yoni now, the tantric yoni massage releases the dormant energy, and causes the woman to experience the profound effects we stated previously.

Why a Yoni massage is beneficial for women:

  • 1. The tantric yoni massage is the portal between ordinary and extraordinary sex, being an ordinary woman or tantric woman, an ordinary life and an extra ordinary life.
  • 2. After the massage you can live or have access to a life of fulfilling, deep, sexual intimacy and pleasure without guilt.

What to expect during a session:

  • To relax our female clients we use Tantra massage techniques on the abdomen, the back, legs and chest. This is not just done to comfort the client but to open other important canals of energy.
  • The yoni is prepared for its massage by massaging the pelvis first.
  • After the preparation the outside of the yoni is massaged.
  • This is the step where a professional therapist is definitely needed, because the yoni will be entered and important areas like the g-spot and canal will be liberated. This is done for detection, and alleviation of blockages.
  • The massage is ended with an exercise to circumvent the energy, and relax the client and the client’s body and yoni.

Yoni massage also applies to women who have vaginosis, sexual hindrances, menstrual symptoms, low libido, and cystitis, do not experience orgasms, or have painful intercourse.

Regular Yoni Massage Can Lead To:

  • Imprisoned sexual energy is redeemed.
  • Confidence, contentment and happiness become a regular part of life.
  • Delicates the yoni, freeing the individual from guilt and negative energies.

Lingam Massage For Men

Males can experience the tantra lingam massage for multiple orgasms, increasing their level of intimacy or sexual experience. Lingam refers to the penis, and is seen a symbol of fertility. This organ holds a lot of energy and power. The person’s whole body will experience the massage, not just his penis. Tantra lingam massage, helps getting rid of sexual dysfunctions, the stress due to the challenges the man faces daily, and (sexual) blockages.

Tantra lingam massage helps with:

  • Activation of the sexual energy.
  • Experiencing deep sexual pleasures.
  • Experiencing multiple orgasms.
  • The skills to groove and move his energy and that of his partner.

The same steps that were used for the yoni massage will be used for the lingam massage, but the fourth one is different because we are dealing with a male. During the massage when the client is already relaxed, and ready for the big step pressure will be applied on the lingam, testicles, and perineum. During this step the male can experience outstanding energetic, and spiritual effects. He can even experience an orgasm or even better, multiple orgasms.

A tantra massage is beneficial for both males and females. Both parties can feel great, relieve depression, and also experience a very sensual intimacy with one’s partner.

The blockages we stated previously are not the only type of blockages people have. The root cause of a blockage can be a trauma, stress, negative habits, and other things. Repeating old patterns, or routines becomes a part of who we are, which will lead to depression, anxiety, health issues, mental confusion, sexual dysfunction, health issues, and more.

Uncontested benefits of tantra massage:

  • Gives you the ability to love yourself and others unconditionally. The therapists uses his/her techniques to increase sexual energy.
  • You become self-aware. We already know that blockages are removed with this massage, which leads to clearance of confusion and ignorance. You than have the ability to reflect on yourself more, and introspect. (self)empowerment and wisdom are gained, which will lead in a redefinition of who you are, and development of who you want to become.
  • Happiness and satisfaction. You learn to let go of past experiences, and focus and work on the here and now.
  • Better and stronger relationships. Tantra results in a transformation on the inside which will lead to deeper connections, and more intimacy.
  • Better energy circulation through your whole body and spirit. Often when people have sexual intercourse the orgasm is only felt in the genitals, but after a tantra massage the orgasm is felt through your whole body, because of the pure energy circulation.
  • When the walls come down (releasing blockages), impotence, low libido, and premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions are resolved .
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